Womes's shoes

  • Heel Replacement
  • Heel re-wrap
  • Full leather sole replacement
  • Half-leather sole replacement
  • Leather or rubber tips
  • Anti-slippery protective soles for design shoes (Red, blue, black, brown and beige)
  • Shoe dye(leather and fabric)
  • Lower the heel height

Men's shoes

  • Heel Replacement
  • Heel plates (metal/plastic)
  • Leather or rubber tips
  • Full leather sole replacement (we carry the finest leather soles on the market)
  • Half-sole replacement
  • Anti-slippery protective soles
  • Fixing Tassel
  • Upper Re-conditioning and color re-finishing
  • Shoes and boots stretching
  • Golf shoes bottom re-crafting, also spikes replacement
  • Water proofing and stain proof for brand shoes (Suede or Leather)

Luggage, purses and suitcases

  • Zipper replacement
  • New Handles
  • Snaps
  • Cleaning
  • Washing and conditioning
  • Patches
  • Stiches
  • Handle/buckle/buttons replacement


  • Cleaning and color renovation
  • Buckle replacements
  • Adjustments and perforations
  • Shorten belts


  • Cleaning
  • Stiches and glue
  • Patches
  • Inner soles replacement


  • Re-lace baseball gloves
  • Repair and clean leather jackets
  • Replace buckles, rivets, snaps and tassels
  • Suede cleaning: Shoes and Boots
  • Salt remover process
  • UGG boots shampoo