"Shoe lover," that’s how Dr.Shine® can be described.

Our Company is dedicated in providing our appreciated clientele, the most efficient shoe care method, along with the finest materials and techniques on our re-craft process. Consequently, each pair re-crafted by our shoemakers, is a work of art.

This aim toward complete customer satisfaction has set us aside, and given us a competitive edge over other businesses in the field.

Due to our commitment to outstanding quality, we have built over the years a strong reputation and a renowned clientele, which represents all sectors of corporate America and the most demanding high-end shoe lovers.

Dr.Shine® originated in 2001 and since that, it is helping New Yorkers on the care of their shoes. And now, it is working hard to bring the same passion and care for all Americans all over the country.

We thank you for your patronage.
Dr.Shine® Team.